The Beach Whistler fully shares its commitment to providing the highest quality and the most exceptional service to our customers. We continuously dedicate ourselves to bringing inspiration, creativity and unparalleled expertise.

Whether you are a recent college graduate ready to embark on your career or a professional looking for an exciting opportunity, we offer a wide array of challenging career paths. We provide a dynamic, collaborative, creative, high-energy atmosphere for individuals who are quality fueled, product driven, ambitious and determined to personally grow as we develop our company.

We embrace diversity, and this value is reflected in our work environment and actions. 



What you’ll do:

As a Sales Associate at THE BEACH, you will:
Do what it takes to make your customer happy
Be aspirational to your customers in all aspects of culture: fashion, music, art, technology.
Build lasting customer relationships 

We believe that there are certain qualities that make you an ideal fit for THE BEACH. When you possess these qualities, you simply ‘click’ and quickly become productive and successful – it feels familiar, like you’ve known and worked with each other for years and it just works.

Who you are:

Stylish with a love of fashion
Ambitious and passionate
Charismatic with humility and a sense of humour
Astute with common sense and street smarts

What you need:
No previous retail experience required
We look good, work hard, and deliver exceptional customer experiences

Who you’ll work with:
Your Boss: Store Manager
Your Team: Everyone in store
Our Customers!